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At Flexxifinger®, we strive for quality, efficiency, simplicity and value. These goals are the catalyst for everything that we do – from the production floor to the field. We develop and test our products in our own fields and are constantly looking for ways to improve what we already have or to invent something that someone would need. A lot has changed since the invention of the first pulse crop lifter in the early 2000s, but our goals have always remained the same.

So, what is it exactly that sets Flexxifinger® apart from the rest?

QD Technology

QD™ literally means quick detach and this concept is what sets Flexxifinger® apart from its competitors. The QD™Nut Assembly and the QD™ spring on the rail of the lifter is what makes the installation and removal of the Flexxifinger® crop lifters quick and easy. The lifters are designed to snap right into place on the QD™ Nut. To remove, lift the QD™ spring tab and pull the lifter off, leaving the QD™ nut and bolt assembly in place for next time. It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

All of Flexxifinger’s® Crop Lifters use the QD method to attach to the header. That means that farmers may have a few different types of lifters that they can use interchangeably, to suit the type of crop they happen to be harvesting, the soil conditions or even level of damage.

The QD Nut Assembly reduces the amount of time it takes to install traditional lifters – the less time spent in the shop means more time spent harvesting.

Flexible Fit

Traditionally, lifters were mounted on the header and kept in place using the mounting bolt, leaving very little room to compensate for uneven ground conditions. That meant that if you hit a rock or tire track, lifter would be pushed and would often break. The lifter, which was entirely metal, would then travel into the header and potentially cause some pretty serious damage.

Flexxifinger’s® lifters are engineered to have a flexible fit – when they are attached to the header properly, we like for them to have some free-play once they are installed. This free-play allows for the angle of the lifter’s forward lifting point to move up or down, following the variations in the ground. Several types of our lifters also have spring mechanisms and a central pivot point which further allows for more flexibility in uneven ground conditions.

All of our lifters are infinitely adjustable to ensure the best fit for your header, crop type and ground conditions. Instructions for adjusting your crop lifters are included in the box at the time of purchase – please refer to these instructions for more details.

Model N, Model J & Universal Fit

Flexxifinger’s® crop lifters have been engineered to fit on almost all header guards. The FlexxiFloat and Triple Slifters have a universal fit and will work with virtually any guard on the market. The universal fit lifters have a silver-colored rail.

The Pulse, Heavy Duty, DFO, Original MidCut and Original HighCut lifters are offered two (2) different models of lifter types: Model N and Model J. The Model N lifters are painted black and will fit guards that are more than 146mm/5.75” in length, when measured from the centre of the bolt hole to the tip of the guard. The Model J lifters are painted blue and will fit guards that are less than 146mm/5.75” in length when measured in the same way.

Flexxifinger® has developed a fitting chart which outlines which fit is required for specific header manufacturers and models. Because this list is not comprehensive and only takes into account factory configurations, it’s best to measure before ordering to make sure you get the right fit.

Access the most up-to-date version of our fitting chart.

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