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Lifting in the field. Leading in the industry.

At Flexxifinger®, we strive for quality, efficiency, simplicity and value.  These goals are the catalyst for everything that we do – from the production floor to the field.

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Farmers around the world choose Flexxifinger® lifters to support the harvesting of different crops. With innovative design and customizable options, we have a lifter to benefit almost any harvest situation that will fit virtually any machine. Truly, we are on the cutting edge.

The Choice of Mechanized Farmers Worldwide™

Our crop lifters and Sunflower Harvest Pans™ use our unique QD™ quick-detach method for fast and simple implement changes.

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At Flexxifinger®, we are agricultural professionals working with farmers around the world. We stand behind the quality of our equipment and are proud our products solve real problems.

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"The Flexxifinger® Quicker Picker is clean and fast.  All the soil is knocked off.  The wagon is clean - there is just rocks."
Wayne Wendall
Eagle Bend MN, USA
"We tried [other lifters].  We were basically able to come back and we resweeped the field with Flexxifinger® [FlexxiFloat 250s] and we probably picked up 40-60 bushels more of wheat by doing that."
Casa Grande, Arizona USA
"We really like [the Flexxifinger® Corn & Sunflower Harvest Pans].  They do a great job in corn.  We also used them to cut sunflowers [...] and they did a great job."
Broadview, Montana USA

"I put a set on our 930 flex header after our peas went down lower than our boots. We were able to cut at 4.5 miles per hour, and the lifter left the ground clean. I have bought a second flex header, and there will be another set on it before harvest. I'm very happy with them."

Raymore, Saskatchewan

"One of the few things that actually work the way they're supposed to. Maybe the best thing I've ever bought for the farm."

Asquith, Saskatchewan

"I picked up a set at Markusson New Holland after our peas went down in 2007 - and let me tell you, they were down. We were having to run the tips of the Pulse Crop Lifters nearly a quarter of an inch in the dirt just so we could get at the plant material. Surprisingly, I don't think we broke a single finger. I loved them!"

Rouleau, Saskatchewan

"The tail of this finger is what makes it work so nice. It will actually lift the crop up and into the pickup reel of the flex header, rather than just having it drop and sit on top of the knife. I think I've probably increased my yield average, even on a crop that is standing up quite well. On small lentils, you'd see a five percent increase by using these. Anybody that is going to grow pulses - sooner or later they're gonna have to have a lifter, either for a downed crop, wind damage or something. The other lifters I have used were big, cast, and some iron, and we did wreck a couple of headers with these. They would dig into the ground, and peel the front of the header right upside down. With this product, I'm fairly certain there isn't a chance of that whatsoever. It would just break the plastic off, which is a lot cheaper than $8,000 or $9,000 worth of repairs on a header."

Rouleau, Saskatchewan

"They helped so much in the downed pulse crops that we paid for them in the first field, so we were very happy. They looked like they would be the cat's meow on a flex header, and they were."

Briercrest, Saskatchewan

"The bottom line with these lifters is the yield. We've gained in our lentils from 2-5 bushels per acre, for sure, depending on the crop conditions. But we have gained. We're not shelling like we were before. The ground isn't green. There still is some loss, but that's combining."

Glenbain, Saskatchewan

"Love the pulse crop lifter.
May just have saved my pea crop last year! (2007)
Can't wait for your next product!"

Taber, Alberta

"We used the Flexxifinger™ Pulse Crop Lifters in 2008 with the short pulse crop replaceable nylon fingers on our JD 30 foot flex header. This past year (2009) we used them on our Lexion 580R c/w 40 foot flex header and an AWS air reel. We harvested edible beans (both white and navy beans), and were pleased with the performance. The lifters are exceptionally gentle on the bean stalks and yet strong enough to lift the bushy and almost rotten stalks high enough to do a good cutting job.

I know that crop was saved by the gentle lifting action, and without these lifters some of the beans would have needed to be cut one way. We probably saved 200 -300 lbs per acre at a selling price of $35/cwt. This gave a quick payback.

We left the Pulse Crop lifters on for the season but on a normal season doing edible beans, there are times one may want the lifters off, and the quick detach idea is great. I would be happy to recommend them and I would also be happy to try a different model of Flexxifinger™ in a wheat crop that lodges."

Hasta Farms Ltd.
Listowel, Ontario

"My brother and I harvested 1200 acres of peas in 2005-2006, and bumped our seeded acres up to 1600 for the 2006-2007 crop year. The Flexxifinger™ QD™ Pulse Crop Lifter is superior to any pea lifter we have used in the past. We were looking for a lifter that would allow us to pick our header up off the ground just far enough to allow us to travel at a good ground speed without damaging the header. Careful adjustment of the lifter is important to find that "sweet spot" that allows for clean picking of the crop and little down time for bent or broken fingers. If you do hit a dead head with the lifter, repairs take two minutes, and this lifter does not interfere with the reel. If the neighbours ask me what I know about growing peas, I tell them to put Flexxifinger™ QD™ Pulse Crop Lifters on the header."

Reston, Manitoba

"We had 10,000 acres of dry edible beans that were seeded solid, so we were looking for a lift guard to see if we could pick them up without thrashing them before getting them to the header, and I believe we found that in these Flexxifinger™ lifters. In the end, I figure we were saving about a bag an acre; and at the time, a bag was about twenty dollars, so it doesn't take long to pay for them."

Pembina, North Dakota

"I used Flexxifinger™ QD™ Pulse Crop Lifters last year on my rigid header in peas, and they worked very well. Then I used them on my flex header in the lentils, and they worked exceptionally well. Even though the lentils were down, I could go both directions, and still get 99% of the crop. I would recommend them to anyone."

Dodsland, Saskatchewan

"The main benefits were probably in lentils. We went into some fields where they were laying one way or another - where they were just about impossible to get without the lifters - and I think we probably gained somewhere between 15 to 20 percent."

Coronach, Saskatchewan

"We installed Flexxifinger™ nylon lifting pans (that attach to the Flexxifinger™ Pulse Crop Lifter) at 12 inch spacing on our John Deere 600 series flex header for 2009 harvest of pinto beans and soybeans. They worked very well and were trouble-free. The fields had been rolled. The year previous (2008) we had installed five prototype pans on part of the header for pinto beans. We counted the beans and pods on the ground behind the header and compared it (to where there were no pans) and found the beans that were saved would pay for the pans in less than two years."

ARDON HERMAN Minnewaukan
North Dakota

"We had a really wet year in 2007. In fact, we lost about 30% of our crop due to flooding, so our peas were really down. Using the Flexxifinger™ QD™ Pulse Crop Lifter on a 925 rigid header, I was picking up better than my dad, who was running a newer model flex head equipped with the other type of steel lifters. I think I only broke two fingers on an entire section - it's an absolutely phenomenal invention."

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

"Without the Pulse Crop Lifters, cutting one way, I was probably losing between half a mile and three quarters of a mile in speed because I could not pick the crop up off the ground. Using the Pulse Crop Lifters, I had virtually no problems. They picked the crop right off the ground, even in the lodged conditions. It made harvesting those peas very easy."

Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

"In my opinion, the Flexxifinger™ QD™ Pulse Crop Lifter is one of the best lifters out on the market today for its simplicity of use. It's easy to adjust and easy to take off when you have to."

Lafleche, Saskatchewan

"The way they come off and on is just amazing, because you just lift this little spring and slide it off. So if you get in a situation where the vines get tough - early in the evening or something like that - you can take them off, literally in minutes. Everyone says that it can be done in minutes, but this is a minute thing. It's definitely quite an invention. As far as pulse crops go, the best lifter out there, for a flex header, for sure."

Abernethy, Saskatchewan

"In the fall of 2009 I used the Flexxifinger™ HD™ Lifters in spring wheat (AC Kane) and oats at 12 inch spacing. The wheat crop prior to going down was 110cm (43 inches) tall and after falling over about 60% of the crop was 4-6 inches off the ground. When I harvested this crop it yielded 1.6 metric tonne/acre (58 bushels/acre) with a moisture content of 14%. I feel the lifters allowed me to harvest an additional 10-15% of the crop.
The Flexxifinger™ HD™ lifters are easy to install and remove if needed. They increase combine performance in downed grain and less of the harvest is lost at the header."

St-Isidore, Ontario

"We used the Flexxifinger™ Pulse crop lifter on a 625 John Deere hydra flex head. We had tried other lifters and were dissatisfied with them because they would break off and run through the combine. They would not flex well when cutting crops that were low to the ground. With your Flexxifinger™ lifter we cut 200 acres of barley and 500 acres of wheat this past year. Flexxifinger™ lifters were easy to install and the bolts (and QD™ nut) could be left on instead of having to be removed when we cut soybeans. We did not even break one lifter and the adjustment was nice for different ground and crop conditions. We left hardly any crop in the field. This is a great product and we are very pleased with the results. This product saved us a lot of headaches and money."

Somerset, Virginia

"The fact that they are really gentle on the crop and are mounted fairly close to the cutter bar allows the product to come up and directly into the combine without being thrashed out, opposed to the other lifters, which are a foot and a half long, with more chance of shelling and more chance of crop loss. I know that, without the Flexxifinger™ lifters on, I couldn't get the material that I picked up. I don't know of any other lifter that would have done any better - or as well of - a job. Without those lifters on, I'd have been driving over a lot of the crop."

Kincaid, Saskatchewan

"We had a fairly decent to really good pea crop, and, of course, with that, they tend to fall over and lay down. We had the opportunity to try this product and found that it worked very well. On our 973 rigid header, there was a vast improvement with the lifters on, being able to get those downed peas that were flat on the ground. I suppose, thinking back, it would probably be four to seven or eight bushels to the acre increase with the lifters on. If we wouldn't have had them, those peas would have been left in the field and not in the bin, so it was a very good thing. We were very impressed. These days you have to get every bushel off the ground you can - in the combine and in the bin. Plus, installing and removing the crop lifter is very minimal. I didn't really time ourselves, but I'm sure if you could have somebody in the cab, safety in mind, unloading into a grain truck, easily by time your bin was empty you could have installed your crop lifters on a 36 foot header. Easily, installed or removed off the header in that amount of time, so that's basically under three minutes."

Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

"We had neighbours combining beside us, going all one way. We had on the Flexxifinger™ QD™ Pulse Crop Lifters, were combining both ways, and were doing just as good of a job - if not better - than they were. It saved us a lot of time, and time is money."

Briercrest, Saskatchewan
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